Meredith and Wesley

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Our Story

Some might say Meredith and Wesley’s journey actually began in the summer of 2010 while they were attending the NC State Power Sound of the South band camp. Meredith was a freshman saxophonist and Wesley, entering his senior year, was the baritone section leader. Though they each knew who the other was throughout their time in school together, they weren’t meant to be quite yet.

It took a few years, but in the fall of 2012 they were officially “introduced” to each other by mutual friends at a Halloween party. Wesley, no longer a student, working as an engineering intern. And Meredith, a college junior with dental school aspirations.

She thought he was cute. Had for a while.

He liked her accent and sense of humor.

Even though the night was full of laughs and good conversation, it took a week for Wesley to finally work up the nerve to reach out to Meredith... with some encouragement from his friends. They did what young folks call “talking” for a few months, until Wesley bravely (some might say foolishly) decided to officially ask her to be his girlfriend after NC State beat Duke in basketball on January 12th, 2013. Meredith, a die-hard Duke fan, took a break from her anger over the game long enough to say yes.

Everyone knew it had to be love from then onward.

Why else would she ever go camping or watch Lord of the Rings?...all three movies

Why else would he watch a Duke game with her ever again?

Flash forward to December 2017. Meredith was a third year dental student. Wesley was working as a structural engineer. After nearly 5 years of cruises and mountain vacations, tailgates and football games, hiking and kayaking, dislocated joints and fractured faces, he was more than ready to propose.

He knew exactly when and where it needed to happen. Christmas at Disney, Meredith’s favorite place in the whole world.

The “how” turned out to be a lot harder to plan out and execute.

After gaining permission from Meredith’s parents, Wesley enlisted their help to pull it off. Wesley and Eddie Wimberly started putting together a grand plan complete with a professional photographer there to capture the big moment and provide an engagement photo shoot immediately afterwards. That idea was quickly shot down by Donna Wimberly, who made an unarguable prediction: Meredith, having been riding in a car for several hours and prepared for a full day at Hollywood Studios, would most likely not be wearing an outfit any girl would want to appear in for her engagement photos.

Of course she was absolutely right.

That morning Meredith emerged from her hotel room wearing a ball cap, a fluorescent pink and green Star Wars T-shirt, and space-themed leggings.

Wesley was glad they had gone with plan B.

Disney’s Boardwalk resort was beautifully decorated for Christmas, complete with a giant Christmas tree outside in front of the boardwalk pier. That tree was the intended destination for the big moment. Wesley asked Meredith to take a walk outside to look at the tree and decorations. Meredith had her own plans. “Nah, I’m good,” she said. She wanted to sit and rest her feet in preparation for a long day at the park. After some convincing, she reluctantly followed him outside.

What transpired next was nothing short of nerve-wracking for Wesley. Not because he was nervous. He had been ready for this moment for months, but because Meredith refused to cooperate with any of his attempts to maneuver her to a location worthy of the occasion. Finally, after persuading her to take a selfie on the boardwalk by the edge of the lake, he exclaimed, "let me talk to you for a second." It was clear that Meredith had no idea what was happening as halfway through Wesley's short speech she said, "why are you acting so weird?"

It became clear a few seconds later, when Wesley got down on one knee and placed Meredith's grandmother's ring on her hand.

And the rest, as they say, is history...

We're so excited for you all to join us on our special day as we begin the next step in our journey together! See y'all in June!
Grace Kreinbrink